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  Handmade in Amsterdam by Jelle      Pay after delivery!         Free shipment to the UK!

Customer reviews

  • Hi Jelle! Thank you so much for the ring! The result is just amazing. It arrived a few days before the birthday of my boyfriend so perfect timing. He loves it!

    Customer Name of the ring
  • Jelle, received my order and your personal note as well, nice personal touch! You make great items, thanks for your hard work and craftmanship!

    James & Ruth Turner
    Customer Name of the ring
  • Hi Jelle, Thanks for your effort on such a short notice. The package did arrive after the weekend just like you said!

    Customer Name of the ring
  • Dear Jelle, I received the package and gave it straight away, he totally loves it! We will be in Amsterdam so maybe we can visit your shop this summer? ;)

    Customer Name of the ring
  • I was a bit worried about the personal aspect of the bracelet but he loves the clean design and my engravement as well!

    Customer Name of the ring

About Name of the ring


Welcome to Name of the ring! My name is Jelle, I design and manufacture the jewelry that you find on this website by hand, in my little studio in Amsterdam.

I work with recycled materials as silver, leather, copper and pewter. In addition, I do a lot of oxidation, in order to give the material a more weathered look and feel. 

Do you have questions about my jewelry or Name of the ring?

Please contact Jelle >


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