Jewel personalization

The number of charachters you can add to an item is located above the textfields below the items in our shop. The number includes spaces and symbols as well. 

Please keep in mind that the number we give is only an indication, so adding a few characters more than the given number is generally not a problem for us! 

Feel free to give us some guidance on how you would like us to place your text on your jewel. You can leave us some instructions in the additional information field below the last steps on the check-out page.

Adding some extra characters to your jewel after you received it is always a possiblity. If you think you will need to add some extra text later on, please let us know when placing your order, so we can keep this in mind during the personalization of your item! This is a free service from Name of the ring!


Within our categories of our online shop, you will find examples of texts like MOM, DAD or in other cases initals and dates. These examples are optional, and we mainly show them to inspire you. So keep this in mind when adding your text.

For example: If you would like to order a DAD bracelet, and you choose to keep the upside of the lock empty, we will not add the word DAD there when we design your jewel! 

Material & finding your size

Bracelets: Measure your wrist with a piece of string or ribbon, and afterwards measure this length in CM with a measuring tape. Make sure while measuring your wrist that the ribbon isn’t too loose or too tight, it has to feel comfortable while wearing it. 

Rings: Measure a good fitting ring from one inside to the other. The diameter you will find is your ringsize in MM.

When you don’t posses a good fitting ring to find out your ringsize, feel free to contact a jewelryshop nearby to ask them if they can mesure your size for you. You might find this a little awkward but it definitely saves a lot of time and energy, and avoids sending a ring back and forth.

Because most of our customers place orders meant as gifts, we provide a service so that jewels can be ordered in the largest size possible. After you receive your order, you can measure the right size yourself and send back your jewel to have it re-sized. 

Jewels that were ordered in a specific size can also be sent back for re-sizing. In both cases this is a Name of the ring service free of charge! 

Feel free to send us your item at: 

Jelle Akkerman
Zoutkeetsgracht 194
1013 LC
The Netherlands

It takes around 7 working days to get your item resized and shipped back to you! 


We spend a lot of our time gathering unique materials, and reasearching uncommon ways to shape and highlight their charactertistics. Mainly because I feel very passionate about this, and secondly because i really want to create a jewel for you that is unique in its design but durable as well. 

My collection’s design is based on two materials: High quality Dutch Saddle leather & 100% pure pewter. 

The saddle leather we use for our bracelets is three-millimeter-thick cow leather, which comes from the neck of the cow. This part is relatiive flexible, a good thing since it’s meant to move a lot, and its texture is really nice to the touch.

The pewter we use for our rings and locks is handcasted in a small workshop in England. Producing on a small scale and casting by hand only is clearly visible in our designs. It gives us control over the quality, a guarantee that our material is durable and 100% pure with an unpolished look!

Delivery & payment

The number of days from the moment of placing your order till receiving your package is normally between 3 – 6 working days. If you would like to receive your order earlier because of a special occasion, feel free to contact us! 

We ship our items in a dull, white and bubbled envelope to mislead suspicious receivers, waiting for their present ;) We add your full address and our address without our company name!

We offer the following payment methods:

- Paypal

- Visacard

- Mastercard

- Mister cash

- Sofort banking

- Bank transfer

If you are not comfortable with using one the methods mentioned above, feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you!


Guarantees & services

For me personally, the most important thing about creating my jewelry is that my customers are happy after receiving their order. Ordering online can be hard, and sometimes the expectations aren’t met. When this is the case, feel free to contact me, so we can look together to find an improvement or a solution. When we have tried everything but just couldn’t find a solution, a refund of your order is always an option.

Because we are dependent from local postservices shipping our packages, a delay does occur sometimes. We adapt to this by shipping your order as fast as possible, but please keep in mind that unfortunately we can’t control this part of the process. 

When a package is in bad condition or doesn’t show up at all, please contact us right away (Order@Nameofthering.com) so we can help you out! In the worst case scenario we will just make your order again and ship it out as soon as possible! So rest assured we will never leave you empty handed!

In case of a damaged jewel, we always come up with a solution to help you out. This can go from simple repairs on the item after you send it back to us, to a complete remake of your item! 

It’s not necessary to contact us upfront, as we feel it’s our responsibility to provide you with a solution in all cases. Just send us your damaged item with a short description and we will let you know when we receive it.

Jelle Akkerman
Zoutkeetsgracht 194
1013 LC

Normally it takes around 7 working days to repair / remake your item. We will inform you by mail when we send your package out again!