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Birthday present for her

Birthday present for her

A birthday present for your wife or girlfriend isn’t that easy and even less easy if you are searching for a unique gift with personality! Name of the rings offers a handmade collection of bracelets and rings, where the focus is on the text you can add! Add your names, initials or a short precious text to surprise her this year in a unique and personal way!

In most cases our bracelet model Medium is being chosen in the search for a gift for her. This bracelet is a beautiful example of a gift because you can add up to two names, with an addition of some characters of text in the heart-shaped hanger! Think you need more space for adding your own personal text, because you want to show mores names? Not a problem! Check out the model Extra, which is offering more space because of the, casted by hand, tin plate on the front side of the bracelet. This is a bracelet which offers more space for your own personalization, but still looks subtle on the wrist, which makes it a unique present for your wife or girlfriend! 


The materials of our jewelry

The rings and bracelets we are offering are minimalistic regarding design, which leads to an focus on the materials we used. All are jewelry is being handmade in our small atelier in the center of Amsterdam. As a result of keeping our capacity small, is it possible for us to keep our exclusivity and high quality standards. 

The leather that we use for our bracelets is being cut from complete cowhides. We let this do by a Dutch leather tanner; the leather is also Dutch and is being called saddle leather. This well-know leather is around 3mm thick and consists of a complete section of skin. A lot of leather that is being used with making bracelets is splitleather. In the beginning of wearing the bracelet does the splitleather not differ that much from saddle leather. In terms of sustainability they cannot be compared. Because we think it is import that you can live with our jewelry, wear them daily, is it also possible to shower and even swim with our bracelets! This is because the leather, after contact with water, is easily greased again. This makes it return to it’s original state, with adding a whole new character. Therefore we give warranty on our complete bracelets. 

The clasps of our bracelets as well as our rings are being casted by a artisanal tin foundry from England. It is important for us to work with small suppliers and craftsmen, because they understand that quality, sustainability and producing on a small scale adds value to our final product. Each ring or clasp that we receive from this workplace is different in character, of course neatly finished, but unique in it’s own way. This really fits with the personal approach of our jewelry. Each text, each story and each giving moment is unique, just like our jewelry


Personalizing a piece of jewelry

For a gift for her it is essential to give the piece of jewelry it’s own personal character. This is being created by your own initiative. This is also being created in the way we add your text to our jewelry. We use loose stamps and a heavy percussion hammer to add the personalized texts to our rings and the clasps of bracelets. Personalizng jewelry in this artisanal way requires time and concentration, but the end result is that each piece of jewelry gets it’s own unique character. 


Contact us with questions

Found a birthday gift for your girlfriend or wife but still have some questions? Please contact us, so we can share our thoughts! Of course you can check if your question is in our frequently asked questions! If this is not the case I would like to refer you to our contact page  or for direct questions to our email address: